Monday, October 6, 2014

Ride to Rhodes - day 5 Ongeluksnek - Vuvu

We set off at 5am.  Doug, Colleen and I set off first as we are slower than the others.  I gently set my butt down on the saddle and was pleasantly surprised that the strapping tape Doug had put on last night made a difference.  It certainly wasn't mending the damage but seemed to be aiding in preventing further damage.  What a relief!  It was a beautiful sunrise (as most of them have been).  I kept my breathing in tact and knew that if I could make it to the end of this day then, barring any hectic events or broken bones, I would be able to make it to the finish.
Colleen, Lindsay, Doug

Craig and Derek

It was good riding - steep ups and downs and lots of single track.  My technical skills have definitely improved and I managed the single track much better.  There were also a few sleep-pads which I am definitely quite fond of!  We did a few scrambles off the cliffs which I just loved.  On this day I came to the firm and solid opinion that I am a complete and utter NUTTER!

Derek having a little snooze

My sweetie and I

Black Fountain
Black Fountain is about a 6 - 8km section of brilliant riding on single track on a ridge.  We then drop down with quite a hectic scramble and stopped off at Tinana Mission for a break.  It was restful and peaceful.  Some cheeky goats came to see what was to nibble.
Could have stayed under this tree all day....
We set off for the infamous Vuvu Valley.  We had done 36kms so far and had another 30kms or so to go but we were warned that this was going to take a long time - 6 hours or so.  I have to say I wasn't too bothered.  I was in a good space, the legs were turning over, the breathing was controlled and my head was strong (and of course not to mention that magic tape in my nether regions was working wonders!).
The Vuvu valley has the Tina River running through it and is really quite beautiful.  I was very keen on a little swim but sufficed with wetting my feet and legs and splashing my neck and arms.  There are quite a few options of tracks to take and there were a few discussions with the navigators as to which ones we were going to be on.  Apparently it is quite easy to get lost and get into the wrong valley.  There were lots of steep climbs and hoisting of bike on backs.  I nearly took a tumble down something steep when my foot slipped on a very narrow piece of rock.  As I slipped I squealed and dropped to my knees with my bike on my back.  Doug threw his bike down and came rushing over to me to take the bike off my back so I could get myself up and to safety.  Oooh that adrenalin.  Luckily he didn't break anything on his bike.  It was a long trek out of the valley and we made it into Vuvu about 5pm.  Vuvu is a small village set in these mountains.  We set up a base at the school.  There are no shower facilities so the ladies at the school provide a basin and bucket of water and you stand in the basin and pour the water over your body.  Doug and Derek ordered some beers from the shabeen and Derek had a fit of giggles coz I asked for a cider!  I am not a beer drinker but that glass of beer went down an absolute treat!!  Then we all went off in different directions to sleep in people's homes.  We slept in this rondawel that was owned by this lovely lady and a delightful old gogo.  They took such pride in showing us where the lamp was and how to use it and how to lock the door etc.  It was a good night's sleep.  I felt sure no matter what would happen on the last day that I had this in the bag.
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Sleep time
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  • 9:46:41
     Moving Time
  • 1,625m
  • 57W
    Estimated Avg Power
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