Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The journey of life continues

It has been a while, a long while since I posted in blog cyberspace.  I had back surgery in May 2012 - exactly 2 years ago.  I had a replacement disk on L4/L5 and a fusion on L5/S1.  It was a good and proper surgery and a year of healing.  A year of letting go and starting new.

My sweetie pie bought me a new bike - after years of trying to buy me a bike and me saying no, no, no!

Well I fell in love with my soft tail, Santa Cruz Superlight bike.  My cycling experience literally changed over night.  I was blown away.  It was quite bizarre for me as for most of my riding time had been spent being nervous and very cautious - as mountain biking with vision in only one eye is challenging.  But suddenly I had confidence.  It has been brilliant for Doug and I as we were cycling together and doing a sport we both really enjoyed together - for the first time since we had Kayla.
It has been fairly slow process as I was still a bit prone to picking up funny injuries.
It has also been a bit of a bloody and bruising process - as my confidence grew, my speed grew but my technical skills didn't grow quite as fast so there have been quite a few tumbles.  I really don't mind those.  As long as I can get back on my bike after a fall it works for me!

Of course the talks of various rides/races/challenges get bandied about - either when we are full of energy after the rides or full of alcohol!  Naturally I say not for me - I am a novice and a scaredy-poep and a dodgey rider etc.  But somewhere along the line I either plucked up my courage or got worn down by my hubby's perseverance or had too much to drink (probably the last one if I know me!) and the next thing I know I am committed to riding Ride to Rhodes in September 2014.
So this is a little written account of my preparation for this big, exciting, scary adventure.