Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Duf duf thudddddd ooowwwwwwww!

Yip it happened.  I took a fall where I did not get back on my bike and was in fact driven back to my car and then driven home.  And I was on an innocuous piece of road and there were no cars involved....only one big tin can.  That's right folks one measly tin can.

So 3 weeks ago I went over the handle bars and it had to do with a tree, some roots and probably some rocks.  I managed to intertwine myself between the handle bars and the front wheel.  It was interesting trying to extricate myself.
Then the next fall (the next week) involved a downhill and loose gravel - thats all I can say.  It was sore, I squeaked and squawked and then shook like a leaf (my standard reaction to shock or trauma).
The next fall (on the same ride) - I wasn't even on my bike.  I was pushing, I tripped, I made my knees bleed - the end.

The point is after each of the above mishaps I got back on my bike and carried on.

Not this one.  Monday afternoon ride in Midrand with Ben, Stoof, Dave, John, Mitch, Gerro, Erik and some of the others.  It really was a straightforward road and we were going about 25kps.  I saw the tin and presumed I would simply ride over it.   Oooh eh eh!  Apparently my front wheel spun out and I went side ways and my bike went the other ways.  Damn it was a F#@%@!! hard landing.  I swore, I sobbed, I swore some more.  The guys were so fantastic.  John called for his son to collect me and take me back to my car and then when he arrived with a friend they insisted that he drive me home.  Doug was away in Uganda but Kayla and Lydia were fantastic.  And so helpful.

I saw the doc the next morning.  I was very worried that I wasn't bruising.  My outer upper thigh was huge and I got swollen during the night across my hip bone into my stomach.  When the doc saw me she prodded and poked a bit and was concerned about a fractured pelvis - eeeek!  So off I went for x-rays.  Anyway thank goodness nothing broken - some internal bleeding to be watched and a fairly painful healing process.

So hopefully I am done now for a while on the falling incidences.

Next edition (coz I a very busy and not brilliant with my blog!)

Fiona - my physio was horrified when she saw me this morning (a week after the fall).  The haematoma is very big and swollen and the bruising hectic.  2 normally very stable joints have become very unstabilised due to the damage to the ligaments and tendons. So these need to be stabilised and soon otherwise there will be on-going trouble there going forward.  So I am in compression pants for between 6 weeks and 6 months!  Hard to tell.

I rode again last night in Midrand.  I was very nervous to start but settled down (and held onto my handle bars very tightly!).  It was generally fine just sore a bit on the lower back.

Some pretty pictures.....

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